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What does a healthy diet look like? Our winter 2019 edition features easy-to-follow guidelines for healthy eating, quick tips for training and racing, and Fall 2018 race photos!

Running Shoes

FALL 2018

In our Fall 2018 newsletter, we discuss coping with setbacks in competitive sport, quick tips for sports nutrition and training, and summer race pictures!

Glasses of Water


Our Summer 2018 news edition gives you the run down on electrolytes: What, when and how! You'll also find quick training tips and summer race photos!

Group of Road Bikers


The Spring 2018 newsletter is packed full of info for triathletes and cyclists! We discuss the optimal balance of power and cadence in cycling, quick nutrition tips, and an easy recipe for chickpea salad! Enjoy!

On the Scales


Oh, the ever confusing world of weight loss. In our Winter 2018 edition, top Nutrition expert, Coach Jamie, weighs in on intermittent fasting. This is a must-read. The most important aspect of nutrition is making informed decisions and Jamie's expertise will help you do so!

Amy Dawson Buffalo Wallow.jpg

FALL 2017

Should you train by distance or time? In the Fall 2017 newsletter, we discuss how training by time is a more effective and measurable way of training for endurance sports. You'll also enjoy our quick nutrition tips and race photos!



In our Summer 2017 edition, Coach Jamie talks about whether you should use "real" food versus sports nutrition products for training and racing. Read on for an in-depth discussion of how to choose between these two ways of fueling.

Race Finish.jpg

JUNE 2017

Our June 2017 newsletter is packed with practical tips to get you racing to your potential. Coach Nicole discusses 5 steps to developing your mindset for racing success! Also don't miss our important quick tips for effective nutrition.

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