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CNS Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching: Service



  • Customized Nutrition plan for workouts

  • Sweat trial to determine sweat rate

  • Up to 4 follow-up sessions to tailor plan/discuss progress

  • 1 complete race nutrition plan

We will work with you to get your nutrition nailed down for your training sessions and your race. This service involves a few sessions of us meeting (in person or virtually) and we will develop/design a specific plan tailored to meet your needs. You will practice this plan during your training and we will tweak it where necessary until we have a nutrition plan that we think will work best for your upcoming/future races. We then give you one step-by-step race nutrition plan to follow for the race of your choosing.




  • Customized Nutrition for Pre-workout session and race

  • Customized Nutrition for Post-workout session and race

Both what you eat, and the timing of intake, influences the degree of physiologic benefit from a training session and affects your recovery after a workout. We will determine your specific food and fluid needs for pre- and post-workout based on your body weight. Then we will work together to develop a tailored pre and post-workout (training and racing) meal plan.

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  • Complete nutrient analysis report of current diet

  • Identify areas of needed optimization

  • Provide guidance for achieving optimal daily nutrition

This service is centered around helping individuals eat a healthy diet every day. The every-day nutrition is done in two stages. You can opt to only do stage 1; however, most clients do both stage 1 and stage 2 in order to guarantee that we have enough time to make all the necessary improvements to their diet. This service also includes special nutrition considerations such as special diets (diabetic, vegetarian, etc) or the desire to change body weight (weight loss or gain).


We will work with you to design a healthy diet for your every-day nutrition. This service includes a complete nutrient analysis report of the foods that you are currently eating (we analyze a 5-7 day food log). From that report, we identify places where we can make changes to your diet to improve your nutrition, and we help you incorporate the right foods into your diet to optimize your health and help you meet your goals. For this stage, we will meet (either face to face or virtually) twice and during the second meeting, we will give you all of the nutrient analysis reports that we will use to design a healthier diet for you.

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($80 for 60 mins) OR ($45 for 30 mins)

  • Continued feedback and suggested improvements for daily nutrition

  • Special Needs (special diets, weight loss, or weight gain)


After you have completed stage one, we will continue to work together until we are satisfied with your every-day nutrition. This usually takes an additional 1-4 sessions depending on how much work needs to be done to improve your diet. We meet face to face or virtually for each session (which is either 30 or 60 minutes long) which is charged on an hourly basis.

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